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Women's Via Olympus Black

Altra Women's Via Olympus Black

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210.00 Excl. tax

The Altra Women's Via Olympus Black is a high-performance trail running shoe that combines maximum cushioning, a grippy outsole, and a comfortable fit, providing women with the ultimate footwear for tackling rugged terrains.

Product description

  • Maximum cushioning for enhanced comfort and impact absorption on rugged terrains
  • Grippy outsole with aggressive traction pattern for superior grip and stability
  • Comfortable fit with a roomy toe box and zero-drop platform for natural foot positioning
  • Durable construction to withstand challenging trail conditions
  • Lightweight design for optimal performance during long-distance runs
  • Breathable upper material to keep feet cool and dry
  • FootShape toe box allows toes to splay naturally for improved stability and balance
  • Balanced cushioning with a stack height suitable for both long-distance and shorter runs
  • Quick-drying properties to prevent moisture buildup and maintain a comfortable environment
  • Available in women's specific sizing for an optimized fit.